Réunion shopping

Arts & Crafts in St-Pierre to St-Joseph


Isabelle Biton specialises in porcelain painting. She paints Réunion-inspired designs (Creole cases, people, fruits, flowers and chameleons) on plates, cups and bowls.
Market in St-Denis

Grand Marché

This market has a mishmash of items for sale, including Malagasy wooden handicrafts, fragrant spices, woven baskets, embroidery, T-shirts, furniture and a jumble of knick-knacks.
Food in St-Pierre to St-Joseph

Maison de L'Abeille

Not a craft shop but a bee farm, the Maison de L'Abeille sells natural products, including honey and gingerbread. Also has légumes lontan (traditional vegetables).
Cosmetics in Le Maïdo

Distillerie du Maïdo – Chez Nanou Le Savoyard

Here you can stock up on essential oils, perfumes, soaps and other natural health products. Also sells rhum arrangé (flavoured rum), honey and jam.
Clothing in St-Denis

L'Effet Péi

Fill your suitcase with island-made T-shirts, swimsuits, skirts, shorts, dresses and accessories. For men, women and kids.
Cosmetics in Le Maïdo

L'Alambic Bègue

A long-standing distillery with an excellent reputation. It features a range of essential oils and health products.
Clothing in St-Denis

Boutique Pardon

Get glammed up at this trendsetting boutique stocking island-made shirts, T-shirts, dresses and accessories.
Food in Le Grand Brûlé

Escale Bleue Vanille

Learn how vanilla is prepared and purchase a sweet-scented vanilla pod at this small family-run operation.