Accessible Travel

Independent travel is difficult for anyone who has mobility problems in Réunion. Only upmarket hotels have features specifically suited to wheelchair use. That said, most restaurants are wheelchair accessible.

Negotiating the streets of most towns in a wheelchair is frustrating given the lack of adequate equipment, and most outdoor attractions and historic places don't have trails suited to wheelchair use. Some notable exceptions are Kelonia in St-Leu, the Musée de Villèle in St-Gilles-les-Hauts, the Cité du Volcan in Bourg-Murat and Stella Matutina museum near St-Leu. With a bit of extra warning, some riding stables, dive centres and other sports operators, including paragliding centres, can cater for people with disabilities. Forêt de Bébour-Bélouve also has a 30-minute trail that's accessible to people with disabilities.

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