Tourist Information in St-Denis

Office du Tourisme

Housed in a historic building, the St-Denis tourist office has English-speaking staff and can provide plenty of information, maps and brochures. It also runs excellent cultural tours focusing on St-Denis' rich...

Tourist Information in Cilaos

Tourist Office

The tourist office is particularly helpful, with multilingual staff who provide reliable information about local and long-distance walks and dispense lists of accommodation, restaurants and activities. The office...

Tourist Information in Réunion

Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre

Publishes reputable hiking guides to Réunion, including the TopoGuides GR® Grande randonnée L'Île de la Réunion (2018) and the Topo-guide PR® L'Île de la Réunion à Pied (2018), which covers 25 walks varying from...

Tourist Information in Entre-Deux

Tourist Office

Occupies a pretty case créole on the road into the village. Staff can arrange guided visits (usually in French) of the village (adult/child €15/7.50) and can provide leaflets on walks in the region (including...

Tourist Information in St-Leu

Office du Tourisme

At the north end of the main road passing through the centre of town. It has brochures galore and helpful, English-speaking staff. Gîtes de montagne can also be booked here. Free wi-fi.

Tourist Information in Hell-Bourg

Office du Tourisme

Has pamphlets on hiking options and bus schedules in the Cirque. Can also arrange bookings at gîtes de montagne and guided tours in English if given advance notice. Offers free wi-fi.

Tourist Information in Étang-Salé-les-Bains

Office du Tourisme

It's housed in the old train station on the roundabout that marks the town centre. Gîtes de montagnes can be booked here. Also sells books, maps and crafts. Free wi-fi.

Tourist Information in St-Pierre

Tourist Office

Has English-speaking staff and can provide useful brochures and a town map. You can book gîtes de montagne here and it can also organise guided tours in English.

Tourist Information in St-Pierre to St-Joseph

Maison du Tourisme du Sud Sauvage

Has brochures and maps, and offers free wi-fi access. It also does bookings for gîtes de montagne. Off the road that leads to the tide pool.

Tourist Information in Plaine-des-Cafres

Tourist Office

Near the Engen petrol station, the tourist office does bookings for gîtes de montagnes and has brochures and walking maps. Free wi-fi.

Post in Cilaos

Post Office

Has an ATM that accepts Visa and MasterCard, but don't rely on it completely: it occasionally runs out of euros, especially on weekends.

Tourist Information in St-Gilles-les-Bains

Office du Tourisme

Has helpful English-speaking staff. Free wi-fi. Does bookings for gîtes de montagne.

Tourist Information in Ste-Suzanne

Tourist Office

Beside the lighthouse. Gîtes de montagnes can be booked here. Has free wif-fi.

Tourist Information in St-André

Tourist Office

Has plenty of brochures. Contact it for specific dates of Tamil festivals.