Top Choice Market in Bairro Alto & Chiado

Mercado da Ribeira

Doing trade in fresh fruit and veg, fish and flowers since 1892, this oriental-dome-topped market hall is the word on everyone's lips since Time Out transformed half of it into a gourmet food court in 2014. Now it's…
Top Choice Market in Baixa & Rossio

Mercado da Baixa

This tented market/glorious food court on Praça da Figueira has been slinging cheese, wine, smoked sausages and other gourmet goodies since 1855. It takes place on the last weekend of each month and it is fantastic …
Top Choice Market in Amboise

Food Market

Voted France's marché préféré (favourite market) in 2015, this riverfront extravaganza, 400m southwest of the château, draws 200 to 300 stalls selling both edibles and durables. Worth timing your visit around.
Top Choice Market in Athens

Varvakios Agora

The streets around the colourful and bustling Varvakios Agora are a sensory delight. The meat & fish market fills the historic building on the eastern side, and the fruit & vegetable market is across the roa…
Top Choice Market in Reykjavík

Frú Lauga

Reykjavík's trailblazing farmers market sources its ingredients from all over the countryside, featuring treats like skyr (yoghurtlike dessert) from Erpsstaðir, organic vegetables, rhubarb conserves, meats, honey, a…
Top Choice Market in Punavuori & Ullanlinna

Vanha Kauppahalli

Alongside the harbour, this is Helsinki's classic market hall. Built in 1888, it’s still a traditional Finnish market, with wooden stalls selling local flavours such as liquorice, Finnish cheeses, smoked salmon and …
Top Choice Market in Frankfurt am Main


Aromatic stalls inside this bustling traditional market hall sell artisan smoked sausages, cheeses, roasted nuts, breads, pretzels, loose-leaf teas, and pastries, cakes and chocolates, as well as fruit, vegetables, …
Market in Toulouse

Les Halles Victor Hugo

The beating heart of Toulouse’s food scene is this covered market, packed with local producers busily selling cheeses, fresh pasta, meats and takeaway nibbles from sushi to spicy curries. For a great-value local din…
Market in Athens

Meat Market

Athens' central meat and fish market fills the historic building on the east side of the Varvakios Agora.
Market in Piraeus

General Market

With the sea breezes blowing over the morning hustle and bustle, the Piraeus market is an excellent slice of life. There's a broad range of food and bric-a-brac, as well as cheap bars and cafes around the periphery,…