Republic of Congo restaurants

Top Choice Italian in Pointe-Noire

Il Pepe Nero

Sleek and stylish, with tables scattered across a terrace overlooking a well-kept lawn, this Italian restaurant is one of Pointe-Noire's best and is a favourite for expats who crowd the place at lunch. Dinner is rat…
Top Choice International in Brazzaville

Mami Wata

Hands down Brazza's best restaurant, the 'Mermaid' has the best and breeziest river terrace in town, and attracts a wealthy crowd of locals and expats with its Italian- and French-leaning menu. It has an excellent v…
Top Choice International in Pointe-Noire

Kactus Restaurant

This excellent Pointe-Noire institution in the heart of downtown has a large and high-quality menu. Choices run from excellent salads and pasta dishes to a variety of burgers and thin-crust pizzas. Don't miss the sh…
Congolese in Brazzaville


This excellent restaurant offers Congolese, Senegalese and European dishes from its very unlikely location on a sandy backstreet of a Brazza suburb.
Vegan in Pointe-Noire

Loving Hut

This very unexpected vegan restaurant in the heart of Pointe-Noire is a welcome break for anyone appreciating animal-free cuisine. The entire set up is quite charming, with outside tables in a small garden lit by fa…
Congolese in Makoua

Restaurant La Fleur de Makoa

In the small dining room inside Makoa's best hotel, this restaurant certainly doesn't look like much, but the hotel owner cooks up a real feast and it's a great place to break your journey for a meal. The river fish…
Bakery in Pointe-Noire

L'Orchidée Patisserie

More or less the social nexus of Pointe-Noire, this superpopular bakery and cafe does good coffee, pastries and sandwiches, and makes for a great meeting place, with a large terrace and a climate-controlled interior…
Chinese in Brazzaville

Mian Mian Ju Dao

This cheap and cheerful Chinese noodle place in the centre of Brazzaville is a great place for a good-value meal. We recommend the excellent beef noodles. There's no sign in English – look for the Mandarin.
Congolese in Brazzaville


The menu at this popular restaurant is something of a formality – nearly everyone comes for the speciality, poulet satanique, juicy cuts of barbecued chicken with a suitably hot sauce, which earns the dish its rathe…
Congolese in Ouesso


Generally considered the best restaurant in Ouesso, this charming place near the police station is in a side street off the main road. There's a brightly decorated dining room, a patio and a paillote (straw awning) …