Republic of Congo in detail

Getting Around


Air remains the best way to get around Congo if you're in anything approaching a hurry. Trans Air Congo and Canadian Airways Congo are the two most reliable airlines in Congo. EC Air is the national carrier, but suspended operations in late 2016 due to debt, and it's unclear whether it will begin operations again.

The main route flown is the hour-long hop between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire. Other routes link Brazzaville to Ouesso, Impfondo and Dolisie. Except for the Pointe-Noire to Brazzaville route, flight schedules are rarely followed; cancellations and delays are common.

Most internal flights are not bookable online – TAC is a notable exception – so your best bet is purchasing tickets at Maya-Maya Airport.


Some locals use bicycles to get around towns, but seeing long-distance cyclists is extremely rare. This is a shame, as Congo is remarkably flat and so theoretically should be an easy place to ride across. You'll need to be totally self-sufficient to cycle here, and do be aware that local drivers do not respect bikes on the road, immediately sounding their horns on seeing them and expecting that they'll pull to the side of the road to allow traffic to pass.


Boat travel in Congo is slow and extremely uncomfortable, but there's absolutely no better way to see the country and immerse yourself in local culture. The epic barge ride up the Congo and Oubangui Rivers to the remote river-port town of Impfondo (and onwards to Bangui in CAR) is the stuff of travel-writing legend.


The vast majority of public transport in Congo is in the form of bush taxis and lorries. Océan du Nord run buses across the country's two main roads – from Brazzaville to the coast, and up through the centre of the country to the northern city of Ouesso via Makoua. Bush taxis tend to be a little faster, but far less comfortable and more crowded than the full-size buses. For cross-country travels you can go to Brazzaville's Marché Total to haggle with truck drivers parked on Ave Matsoua.

Car & Motorcycle

Europcar offers expensive car and 4WD hire, but it's easier and about half the price to charter a taxi with driver for travelling around Brazzaville. The Hotel Hippocampe can also provide an excellent car and driver for a (relatively) reasonable price.

Hwy 1 to Pointe-Noire has been resurfaced and is now in good condition. Still, even with the improvements it takes a full day's journey from Brazzaville. Hwy 2 to the north of the country is now in good condition all the way to Ouesso.


Trains run between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire (standing/seat/sleeper CFA14,300/22,500/26,000) three times a week in each direction. In theory trains leave Brazzaville at 5.40pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, arriving in Pointe-Noire at 8am the next morning, though delays are very frequent. Return journeys from Pointe-Noire depart at 10am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Purchase tickets the day before you travel.