Al Shahaniya Camel Race Track

Spectator Sport

in Qatar

The atmosphere is electric when the ‘sport of sheikhs’ – now involving remote-controlled robot jockeys – is being played at Qatar's premier camel race track. Watch from the purpose-built stadium or drive along the 8km racetrack during the race; female camels can maintain a speed of 40km/h for an entire hour and are often better at keeping in their lane than motorists.

Some Doha tour operators run trips to the track, an hour from the city, as part of their packages. Check the English-language newspapers for updated race times. View races from the stand, join the 4WD parade or watch training sessions in the early mornings. The racing season culminates in the prestigious Emir's GCC Camel Race.

The stadium is located off the main road to Al Shahaniya. There are plenty of signs to point you in the right direction, and long before the stadium comes into view, the approach is marked by 5km of stables, exercise areas, lodgings for the trainers and breeders, and all the other facilities required for a multimillion-dollar sport.