Top Choice Museum in Doha

Museum of Islamic Art

Rising from its own purpose-built island, and set in an extensive landscape of lawns and ornamental trees off the corniche, this is a fabulous museum. It's shaped like a postmodern fortress with minimal windows (to …
Top Choice Market in Doha

Souq Waqif

Reincarnated in the last decade as the social heart of Doha, Souq Waqif is a wonderful place to explore and an undoubted highlight of the city. There has been a souq on this site for centuries; the Bedu would bring …
Top Choice Market in Doha

Falcon Souq

If you want a glimpse of heritage, don't miss the Falcon Souq. You only have to see the scale of the souq, afforded its own traditional arcaded building off Souq Waqif, to understand the place of falconry in Qatari …
Museum in Doha

Weaponry Museum

This small museum has an impressive collection of arms and armour, some from the 16th century. However, what makes it worth a visit is the dazzling array of gold and silver swords and daggers, including a khanjar (c…
Market in Doha

Bird Souq

Located behind the colourful spice section of Souq Waqif, this collection of caged birds (as well as occasional cats, rabbits and dogs) has pigeons, parrots, cockatiels and budgerigars. It comes alive with local Qat…
Market in Doha

Gold Souq

This pageant of glorious design and spectacular craftsmanship is fun to see even if you've no intention to buy. The souq comes alive later in the evening, especially before a holiday, when men traditionally express …
Market in Doha

Omani Market

This small market offers a curious mishmash of items, such as Saudi dates and hand-woven baskets, Omani dried fish, tobacco and lemons, Iranian honey and pots, camel sticks and incense, and fronds of pollen-bearing …
Park in Doha

MIA Park

One of many beautiful green spaces along or just back from the Doha waterfront, MIA Park is home to Richard Serra's vertical steel sculpture, known as '7' – the first public piece of art by this celebrated artist in…
Gallery in Doha


This exceptional new exhibition space was opened in 2010 to provide a home for international art with an Arab connection. Housed in an old school off Al Luqta St near Education City, the building was redesigned by F…
Gallery in Doha

Katara Art Center

Local contemporary art and design are the focus of this expansive beachfront complex.