Yauco & Around attractions

Forest in Yauco & Around

Bosque Estatal de Susúa

This mysterious, mist-shrouded forest strewn across hills north of Yauco is just 3300 acres and practically deserted year-round. Ambitious hikers and mountain bikers will love its challenging, out-of-the-way trail n…
Square in Yauco & Around

Plaza de Recreo

On the laid-back Plaza de Recreo, the massive Iglesia Católica Nuestra Señora del Rosario casts a long shadow over domino players and strolling lovers. The plaza sits just east of a bustling stretch of shops on Call…
Museum in Yauco & Around


This museum has the largest private collection of VWs in the world. The staff are very passionate about their subject, and it is the classic VW Beetle, last produced in Mexico in 2003, that forms the bulk of the exh…
Lake in Yauco & Around

Lago Luchetti

This manmade lake stretches its tentacled inlets deep into the surrounding hills just 9km north of Yauco at the end of Rte 128. The lake is actually a reservoir, constructed in 1952, and is a popular fishing destina…
Historic Building in Yauco & Around

Casa Museo de la Música

Musicians might find a bit of diversion in this former home of local composer Amaury Veray Torregrosa, though the wilting creole house has little inside except some faded sheets of music and old photos.
Museum in Yauco & Around

Centro de Arte Alejandro Franceschi

Yauco’s immaculate little art museum is housed in a 1907 building chock-full of Victorian oil paintings and gilded frescoes. It's on the eastern side of Parque Arturo Lluberas.