Top Choice Puerto Rican in Yabucoa & Around

Calixto’s Place

Calixto's is a bustling restaurant-bar overlooking a pretty oceanfront park in Patillas. A huge deck is the weekend go-to for locals. Stuffed mofongo is the specialty, though if you just want some finger foods to go…
Puerto Rican in Yabucoa & Around

El Nuevo Horizonte

The view rarely gets better than the one you'll enjoy from this place. Perched high on the mountainside overlooking the Caribbean, at this simple restaurant is you can smell the asopao de langosta (lobster stew) coo…
Puerto Rican in Yabucoa & Around

Mar de la Tranquilidad

Heading west from Yabucoa, look for this eatery on the seaward side of Hwy 3, when it hits sea level near the town of Patillas. A cold drink on the outdoor terrace makes for a good driving break; you also can also g…