Cafeteria Mallorca

Puerto Rican in San Juan & Around
Image by Melissa Alvarado Sierra

Breakfast at this no-frills cafe is a classic Puerto Rican eating experience. The Mallorca is renowned for its namesake specialty – a pastry borrowed from the Balearic island of Mallorca. Dusted with powdered sugar, make it even sweeter with jam or savory with a choice of meats and cheeses; the toasted ham-and-cheese version is particularly good.

The place is where all-night ravers share pick-me-ups, and locals grab a mallorca and coffee before work. For the best experience, sit at the bustling counter where the veteran waitstaff keep you plied with cafe con leche while you watch the mallorcas being prepared by the dozen. The rest of the menu features traditional Puerto Rican fare and simple sandwiches. Service is speedy.