Few would dispute that San Juan offers some of the best eating in the Caribbean. From contemporary takes on traditional fare to cafes serving exquisite locally grown coffee to restaurants run by renowned chefs and food trucks serving up international eats, you'll be spoiled for choice.

Latin Fusion in Old San Juan

While Old San Juan is well known for its historic Spanish forts and atmospheric cobbled plazas, few visitors arrive expecting to find a clutch of gourmet restaurants shoehorned in among the quaint 16th-century facades. But hidden inside one of America’s oldest urban quarters, streets that once played host to cutlass-brandishing pirates are now the preserve of knife-wielding chefs.

Old San Juan’s culinary best sit in two sections – the bustling SoFo (streets ‘south Fortaleza’) and the quieter NoLu (streets 'north of Luna'). Both are home to trendy and often changing strip of lounges and dimly lit restaurants that have sent many holidaying foodies home happy. Small, cozy and architecturally interesting, these engaging eating establishments are famous for their Latin-fusion cuisine, an eclectic mix of traditional Latin American ingredients such as rice, beans, pork and plantains, blended with more exotic flavors from Asia, Europe and beyond.

Old San Juan

Wandering the streets of Old San Juan, you'll stumble onto great places for a meal at every turn – some no fancier than a hole-in-the-wall, others as upscale as it gets.

Ocean Park

The beach neighborhood of Ocean Park is the setting for a burgeoning restaurant scene of innovative, and often locally sourced, meals. Calle Loíza is the heart of the foodie fanfare, but McLeary, just a block away, is following suit.

Santurce & Miramar

La Placita de Santurce and its surrounding neighborhood is considered ground zero for some of San Juan's best restaurants. Wander a little and see what pulls you in.