US dollars ($)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $125

  • Dorm bed: $20–22
  • Double room in a budget hotel or guesthouse: $40–95
  • Meal from food truck or cafe: $5–18
  • Bus or metro ride: 75¢–$1.50

Midrange: $125–275

  • Double room in a hotel or B&B: $95–200
  • Meal in a casual restaurant: $18–30
  • Admission to museums: free–$10
  • Short taxi trip: $5–8

Top end: More than $275

  • Double room in resort or boutique hotel: $220–500
  • Meal in an upscale restaurant: $20–60
  • Guided city tour: $25–80
  • Car rental: per day $35–55


Except for larger items like paintings in souvenir stalls, you'll find few places where it's appropriate to bargain. Prices in stores and most markets are firm and attempts at negotiation will not be welcome.


ATMs are found everywhere, most associated with full-service banks.

Banco Popular is the most, well, popular bank in town. Full-service locations and ATMs are found in most neighborhoods, including Condado, Santurce, Ocean Park and Isla Verde.