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Top Choice Church in San Germán

Iglesia de Porta Coeli

This small, squat building might not look like much, but it is actually one of the oldest surviving ecclesial buildings in the Americas. Originally constructed between 1606 and 1607 on the orders of Queen Isabella o…
Top Choice International in San Germán

De Lirious

Given its refined ambience, delicious and originally prepared food, and consistent opening, this is San German's best choice for a meal. They kick you off with an array of delicious soups, such as Argentine sausage …
Spanish in San Germán

Tapas Café

The food and atmosphere are both great at this cafe, which seems like it’d fit in among the Triana district of Seville. Flamenco drifts under the high ceilings, and bullfighting paraphernalia adorns the walls, while…
Museum in San Germán

Iglesia de Porta Coeli Museum

Church in San Germán

Catedral de San Germán de Auxerre

San Germán’s cathedral is named for the town’s patron saint and is noticeably grander than the diminutive Porta Coeli. Facing Plaza Francisco Mariano Quiñones, it dates back to 1739, but major restorations and expan…
French Caribbean in San Germán

Chateaux De Auxerre

A feast in the courtyard of this centrally located 19th-century town house rewards a tough day of west coast exploration. Sunday brunch dishes are exceptional – strong coffee, and eggs with fresh, seasonal vegetable…
Museum in San Germán

Casa de Lola Rodríguez de Tió

Built in 1843 in a neoclassical Creole style and said to be an excellent example of local 19th-century domestic architecture, this house is reputedly the town's most continually occupied residence. Its most famous r…
Historic Building in San Germán

Casa Morales

This Victorian-era house was built soon after the American occupation in 1898. With its gables, porches and roof turrets, it is redolent of a Queen Anne–style structure from the plush neighborhood of a US mainland c…
Historic Building in San Germán

Casa Acosta y Flores

Built in a crisscross of styles, this house, dating from 1917, exhibits elements of Creole, Victorian and art-nouveau architecture and looks like a wedding cake.
Notable Building in San Germán

Viejo Alcaldía

The old city hall, which acts as a dividing line between the city’s two central squares, is a classic example of a 19th-century colonial municipal building, with its stately facade and cool inner courtyard. The buil…