Rincón & West Coast drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Juice Bar in Rincón

Carta Buena

Good coffee and better smoothies are served from a bright orange booth that waylays you as you head out from Rincón towards the Punta Higüero Lighthouse. The incredible thing about Carta Buena is that everything you…
Top Choice Brewery in Rincón

Rincón Beer Company

This cracking new brewpub has enlivened the Plaza de Recreo in central Rincón. It offers a great selection of Puerto Rico brews and it's preparing to concoct its own, too. San Juan's Old Harbor Brewery and Cabo Rojo…
Top Choice Bar in Mayagüez

Fido's Sangria Garden

Wilfrido ‘Fido’ Aponte became a local legend for his potent sangria – a blend of Bacardí 151 and extraordinarily sweet tropical fruit juice. The drink garnered such a cultish following that, according to locals, Bac…
Bar in Rincón

Tamboo Tavern

The patio bar of the Beside the Pointe guesthouse overlooks some of the best sand in Rincón. With a congenial après-surf scene and a young and vivacious local crowd who drink a little too much and dance a little too…
Bar in Rincón

The Beach House

It's not that the Beach House doesn't do food; it's that everything about its vibe and layout shouts 'drink'. It's an upmarket surfers hangout, open to the sun-drenched views down a few hundred meters to a bunch of …
Cafe in Rincón

BD Cafe

You can't fault this cafe in many ways, except perhaps in its somewhat cliquey surfer ambience, but once you've ordered one of the best caffeine shots in the west of Puerto Rico you're likely to depart satisfied. Th…
Bar in Rincón

Lucky 13 BBQ

Starting early and staggering home late, you could spend your entire day in Lucky 13. In fact, many people seem to. By the time breakfast is done it's time for the midday cocktails, after several of which a slather …
Bar in Rincón

Pool Bar & Sushi

This bar does exactly what it says on the tin: has a pool, is a bar and serves sushi. It often shows surf films on a big screen. It's just back from Pools beach. Take the first left-hand turn off Hwy 413, then immed…
Cocktail Bar in Rincón


Rincón's latest bar is all about serving incredible cocktails with none of the pretension, and with the gimmick that you can select your own ingredients for your chosen tipple (with a little guidance from the barten…
Bar in Rincón


Lively local bar in central Rincón.