Reserva Forestal Toro Negro in detail

Flights & getting there

The Reserva Forestal Toro Negro lies in two portions, east and west of Hwy 149. The forest is traversed in its entirety by Hwy 143, the Ruta Panorámica. All of the forest’s public facilities lie at the east part of the reserve around the Area Recreativa Doña Juana at Km 33 on Hwy 143, and at the ranger station a few hundred metres along Hwy 143 to the west. Honk your horn when approaching blind curves and drive on the narrow, potholed lanes here with caution.

On these long and winding roads, Barranquitas is 30km and 50 minutes east from the Area Recreativa Doña Juana, whilst Jayuya is 20km and 40 minutes northwest from here.

You may find it simpler to come here on an organised tour. Organised tours are possible with San Juan tour operators (if you want an organised tour, it will be difficult to arrange one once you arrive in the Central Mountains).