Ponce & South Coast shopping

Gifts & Souvenirs in Ponce


Selling colorful vejigantes (Puerto Rican masks), santos (small carved figurines representing saints) and trinkets, Utopia is the nicest souvenir shop on the square. The bonus? The little bar up front serves decent …
Market in Ponce

Nueva Plaza del Mercado

Winding through crowds of shoppers on Paseo Atocha will lead you to Ponce’s most exciting indoor market, four blocks north of Plaza Las Delicias. The selection of produce – freshly hacked off the vine – is marvelous…
Market in Ponce

Mercado Juan Ponce de León

Just west up the block from Nueva Plaza del Mercado, bustling Mercado Juan Ponce de León has stalls hocking pan-religious voodoo charms and salsa tunes on vintage vinyl.