Top things to do

Top Choice Puerto Rican in Naguabo & Around

Kiosko El Limón

A sprawling roadside stand, El Limón is a laid-back eatery, bar and hangout where you'll find everything from fishermen throwing back Medalla beers to families coming for fish dinners. Order at the counter and take …
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Naguabo & Around

Humacao Nature Reserve

Almost 3200 acres once used for a sugarcane plantation have been given back to nature at this gem of a nature reserve. Mangroves and palm trees provide shade for lagoons that serve as havens for myriad birds and fis…
Top Choice Seafood in Naguabo & Around

Restaurant Vinny

Vinny does a bang-up lunch for $6 and the best lobster pastelillos (turnovers) on the island. As is typical for Playa Húcares, seafood is the main event. Diners enjoy their meals at long plastic picnic tables set ou…
Village in Naguabo & Around

Playa Húcares

One of the set locations for The Rum Diary movie, Playa Húcares doesn’t actually have a beach – the waterfront is a long pleasant malecón (boardwalk) overlooking the bay and the surrounding hills. It does have drama…
Seafood in Naguabo & Around

El Makito

From its 2nd-story perch over the water, the ‘little shark’ has excellent views from its shaded patio seats. The menu is long, with seafood pastas, the requisite laundry list of mofongos, and shrimp, conch and octop…
Seafood in Naguabo & Around

Daniel's Seafood

Right on the waterfront, this longtime favorite is several cuts above the casual (aka roofless) standard for the area. Fresh seafood with sophisticated preparations is the norm here; many come just for the lobster-s…
Village in Naguabo & Around

᠎Punta Santiago

The town of Punta Santiago is a local weekend and holiday hot spot. Its friquitines and kiosks offer lots of succulent treats such as arroz con jueyes (rice with crab chunks), pastelillos (turnovers) and pork in all…
Beach in Naguabo & Around

Playa Naguabo

About a kilometer south of Playa Húcares, there's a 3km-long windswept beach known as Playa Naguabo. Here you can park anywhere along the two-lane road and enjoy quiet and lovely views out to sea and the islands. Sp…
Village in Naguabo & Around

Playa Humacao

The enclave of Playa Humacao has a handful of excellent bakeries and a popular restaurant. It's a good place to stop for snacks or a meal as you explore the beaches along this coastline.
Supermarket in Naguabo & Around

Supermercado La Favorita

This grocery store sells the basics plus some. Good for meals, snacks and sunscreen.