Top Choice International in Mayagüez


Right by the sea, Costa is a jewel in an otherwise underwhelming Mayagüez waterfront. Affluent residents chill in a minimalist space buffeted by icy air-con that wouldn't look amiss in a New York contemporary art mu…
Bakery in Mayagüez

Ricomini Bakery

The Ricomini bakery and deli has been on this corner for well over a century. With a lunch counter, some tables and basic groceries, this is a de facto social hub of downtown Mayagüez: deals are made, relationships …
Tapas in Mayagüez


Don’t be fooled by the simple first impression of this lunch counter, located in the lobby of Howard Johnson; Stoa’s has one of the best wine selections in western Puerto Rico. There’s a diverse offering by the glas…
Cafe in Mayagüez

Friends Cafe

An unmissable little place, right on the plaza, Friends serves knock-out coffee, great smoothies and wonderful ricotta-and-spinach empanadillas (turnovers).
Bakery in Mayagüez

E Franco & Co

This salt-of-the-earth grocery-store-cum-cafe, stocked with fresh-baked goods and opulent hampers, has been here more than 150 years and is still drawing in punters from as far away as San Juan for a monthly stock u…
Ice Cream in Mayagüez

Rex Cream

Rex is a small Puerto Rican ice-cream chain that was founded in Mayagüez in the 1960s by Chinese immigrants who came to the island via Costa Rica. This signature store near the central plaza is still something of a …