Top Choice Italian in Luquillo & Around

Pasta y Pueblo

On a gravel lot with a skateboard ramp in front (for the chef's son), this unassuming little shack a half block from Playa Azul slings some plate-licking fabulous food. There’s often a crowd waiting for one of the s…
Top Choice Puerto Rican in Luquillo & Around

Luquillo Beach Kiosks

Luquillo’s famous line of 60 or so beachfront friquitines (also known as quioscos, kioskos or just plain food stalls) along the western edge of Hwy 3 serve often-excellent food at very popular prices. It's a fine wa…
Cafe in Luquillo & Around

Aromas Coffee & Crepes

Right on Luquillo's somnolent central square, this sprightly cafe is one of the best breakfast and lunch places around. A range of coffee drinks add zest to the day; go local with the coconut-flavored latte. There a…
Bakery in Luquillo & Around

La Familia Bakery 2

Follow the anticipatory crowds to this sweet-smelling bakery. While the breakfast pastries are mouthwatering, the criollo buffet will keep your belly full. Whole roasted chickens and fresh deli sandwiches also prepa…
Cafe in Luquillo & Around

Boardriders Surf Bar & Grill

A beachside hipster hangout festooned with Christmas lights. Stash your board in Luquillo Surfshop next door and refuel on fish tacos, veggie wraps and burgers before your next set. Check out the action at the surf …
Puerto Rican in Luquillo & Around


This family-run restaurant specializes in fresh seafood dishes, though its lunch specials make it a hit: huge plates of classic Puerto Rican mains (fried pork chops, breaded shrimp, octopus salad) served with a drin…
Ice Cream in Luquillo & Around

Downtown Creamery

This cheery little shop has a variety of artisanal ice creams – from oatmeal and carrot cake to Nutella and passion fruit. Açaí bowls and premium coffee drinks also served. Facing the main plaza, it's just a short w…
Supermarket in Luquillo & Around

Supermercado Amigo

Stock up on snacks, drinks and beach supplies at this full-on supermarket. Located near Luquillo's town center, on the northern side of Hwy 3.