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Top Choice Historic Site in Isabela & Around

Palacete Los Moreau

Here's an intriguing diversion from the Isabela beach scene: a 19th-century tenderly restored French hacienda, exquisitely furnished within and with lush grounds to stroll about, usually open to the public and with …
Top Choice Mediterranean in Isabela & Around


Central Isabela finally has a restaurant it can be truly proud of – in fact, it may just be the north coast's best. This crisply cheery modern space with its open kitchen opened its doors in 2013 with an innovative …
Top Choice Beach in Isabela & Around

Playa Survival

Even the surfers rarely make it to remote Playa Survival, best reached by a 45-minute walk west from Playa Shacks. The narrow strip of sand found elsewhere on this section of coastline opens up into a wide sandy bea…
Barbecue in Isabela & Around

La Vista Smokehouse

These guys make an art out of barbecue, but to sample it you'll have to go to a tad more effort than is the norm in Isabela, as this place is away from the coast, a kilometer up the hill from Playa Jobos. As for the…
Fusion in Isabela & Around


The alfresco atmosphere – furious waves and gentle breezes, bright tropical flowers and elegantly rustic furniture – is nearly outpaced by the creative flavors of seafood and fresh, locally sourced vegetables at thi…
International in Isabela & Around

La Casa

An exquisite dining destination atop a knoll overlooking the ocean at the Royal Isabela Golf Club. Dishes are made where possible with produce from the Royal Isabela's own private farm, including the gnocchi with ho…
Beach in Isabela & Around

Playa Shacks

Playa Shacks lies less than a mile west of Playa Jobos, near Ramey Base on Rte 4466. There are good submarine caves here for snorkeling, while surfers take to the breaks further out.
Surfing in Isabela & Around


MHL has an impeccable reputation for hand-crafting surf boards.
Beach in Isabela & Around

Playa Jobos

The wonderfully dramatic crescent of Playa Jobos is protected by a large headland of dead coral to the east, and the surf breaks pretty consistently off this point. The site of the 1989 World Surfing Championships, …
Seafood in Isabela & Around

Hotel Restaurante Ocean Front

Tiny glowing lights and wavy green plants give this restaurant a relaxed, romantic atmosphere that complements the seafood dishes. The indoor setting is surprisingly formal, but the deck leaning out over the beach p…