Grand Bahía Ocean View Hotel

Resort in Refugio Nacional Cabo Rojo

As if the location wasn’t enough – rust-red cliffs, salt flats and an adjacent wildlife refuge – the rooms in this pretty, palm-shaded hotel have balconies, sleigh beds and tropical flowers. The serene grounds are immaculate too – drape-covered sun loungers and canopy beds look over an undisturbed stretch of ocean and an infinity pool framing some of the island’s most spectacular sunsets.

As to the service, it's been resting on its laurels recently but it remains a great (indeed, the only) choice hereabouts. There is a restaurant on-site, but sadly the reputation has plummeted and, whilst you will get food here, it's only a 10-minute drive to El Combate which has better options. During high season there can be a three-day minimum stay; to get lower rates, book via the website. The higher rates are for seaview rooms.