Top Choice Food Truck in Culebra

El Panino

Sitting in a gravel lot with a handful of other food trucks, El Panino is far and away the heavy hitter here. Gourmet sandwiches, served hot and gooey (like the breakfast melt made with chorizo, egg and cheese) or c…
Top Choice Caribbean in Culebra

El Eden

Though not remotely elegant – imagine plastic tables and chairs sharing space with a liquor store – the food at El Eden is simply remarkable. Dishes feature creative takes on seafood and pasta, and the desserts are …
Top Choice Mexican in Culebra

Zaco's Tacos

This hip open-air restaurant dishes up ultra-fresh Mexican fare plus a smattering of tasty salads. If you're hungry, order a monster-sized burrito with all the fixings. Enjoy your meal in the clapboard dining room o…
Food Truck in Culebra

Tiki's Grill

An eye-catching food truck – with a prime spot on Hwy 250 overlooking the bay – Tiki's Grill serves up big juicy burgers in 20 different ways. Think classic (cheese burger, bacon burger, chili burger) to creative (t…
Cafe in Culebra

Vibra Verde

The menu of this great little eatery is a delight of healthy, organic fare. Granola breakfasts are joined by freshly made baked goods, eggs and fine coffee. Lunch includes a wealth of tasty sandwiches. Service, unfo…
Fusion in Culebra


Beautifully presented Puerto Rican–Asian fusion fare, this Culebra favorite curates a rotating collection of crowd-pleasing dishes, always including fresh fish such as grouper and snapper. Located just past the airp…
Seafood in Culebra

Dinghy Dock

It's easy to get mesmerized by the giant tarpon that swim right up to this open-air restaurant, just a couple of feet from diners. Seafood is the reason to come here – fresh catches such as swordfish and snapper are…
Cafe in Culebra

Barbara Rosa

You are the waiter at this diminutive cafe. You’re also in Barbara’s house – her front verandah to be more exact. When you’ve decided what you want from a fine menu of great burgers, seafood, fish and chips, and fab…
Bakery in Culebra

Panadería Pandeli

This bakery sells early-morning pastries, pancakes, sandwiches and coffee. Come 8am it’s inundated with schoolkids and stray travelers who enliven the no-frills setting. A good stop to fuel up if you're taking the f…
Pizza in Culebra


In the center of town, Heather’s is Culebra's go-to pizza parlor (with pasta and subs) and a popular hangout at night. It gets busy in high season, so expect a wait.