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Top Choice Forest in Boquerón

Refugio de Vida Silvestre Iris L. Alameda Martínez de Boquerón

Drive south from Boquerón along Hwy 301 and you will arrive at the main entrance to this reserve at Km 1.1, an extent of beguiling mangrove forest with a visitor center, and well-maintained boardwalk trails. There a…
Top Choice International in Boquerón


A breath of fresh air in the Boquerón eating scene is this fun-loving, laid-back wooden house, where great pizzas and extraordinary burgers headline a menu also featuring more classically Puerto Rican dishes such as…
Beach in Boquerón

Balneario Boquerón

Fanning out immediately south of Boquerón town, the Balneario Boquerón ranks among the best public beach facilities in Puerto Rico. The 2km-long arc of sand gets insanely busy on high-season weekends, but it’s still…
Italian in Boquerón


A great option in central Boquerón, on the small back road looping off the main drag from next to Los Remos Restaurant & Beach Club. Terramar has the vibe of a cozy Madrid tapas bar and Italianesque fare almost …
Beach in Boquerón

Playa Buyé

Playa Buyé is a small palm-fringed beach that’s about 5km north of Boquerón off Hwy 307. It's got a distinctly more wild, timeless and paradisaical feel than the manicured Balneario Boquerón.
Nature Reserve in Boquerón

Refugio de Boquerón

The Refugio de Boquerón is the western outpost of the Bosque Estatal de Boquerón, a 400-acre patch of mangrove wetlands that mostly spreads south of Boquerón town and immediately east of the Balneario Boquerón. This…
Bar in Boquerón

Los Remos Restaurant & Beach Club

Los Remos is symptomatic of a place that opens with the best intentions but tries to do everything from breakfast to late night drinks and consequently falls short. Plopped right in the center of the bar strip, it o…
Seafood in Boquerón

Galloway’s Bar & Restaurant

‘Snowbirds Welcome’ reads the sign out front, but those four-seasoned spring-breakers from Minneapolis you’ve just spied on the waterfront deck aren’t the only birds pecking at the food. Small black-feathered creatu…
Mexican in Boquerón


Although discerning fans of Mexican cuisine might be a bit underwhelmed by the cheese-covered Puerto Rican/Tex Mex fusions, this high-class cantina located on the road in and out of Boquerón is a place to escape the…
Lake in Boquerón

Laguna Cartagena

This lake, popular for fishing, abuts a tract of Refugio de Vida Silvestre Iris L. Alameda Martínez de Boquerón. It's accessed by a long straight track leading off from where Hwys 101 and 306 intersect.