Museum in Barranquitas & Around

Casa Museo Luis Muñoz Rivera

This tin-roofed house honors the so-called grandfather of Puerto Rico’s autonomy movement and the 20th-century architect of the Puerto Rican commonwealth. This is where Luis Muñoz Rivera was born in 1859, and it con…
Museum in Barranquitas & Around

Mausoleo Familia Muñoz Rivera

Just south of the plaza is a family tomb that holds the remains of Muñoz Rivera, his famous son Luis Muñoz Marín and their wives. Photographic displays at the tomb evoke the funeral of Luis Muñoz Marín, and the brig…
Plaza in Barranquitas & Around

Plaza de Recreo de Barranquitas

Barranquita’s central plaza is laced with wrought-iron railings, and guarded by the Parroquia de San Antonio de Padua, a small church first constructed in 1804. The original church was destroyed by two catastrophic …