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Hi All, Here's some info about me, and about the kind of travel buddy, male or female, I'd want. I’m a Christian. I’m serious about my faith, but I’m not preachy or pushy about my beliefs. If someone is curious and wants to ask questions politely, I’d be glad to share, but I am not looking for a long, intense, in depth debate or argument. I can be shy, and I sometimes take a while to warm up. I like to laugh, make others laugh, and enjoy good conversation. I also value the quiet and a lone time. I’m mature, responsible, generous, down to earth, easy going, flexible,and I prefer to brainstorm to problem solve.I like to find humor in life, I'd rather laugh at mistakes, than be upset about it. I like to try new things, I’m adventurous within reason, but not reckless. I am polite, culturally sensitive, respectful, and am not racist. I try not to dress, speak or behave in a way that would bring shame to me as a person, or be a negative example of the country I represent. I don’t party, smoke, drink, or use drugs.Not looking for dates, or sex. I have a clean record, no criminal history. In case of injuries, illnesses, or other serious issues, I want someone I could count on to get help, not skip out and run, leaving me a lone. I'm interested in; seeing historical and religious sites, performances and ceremonies, browsing markets for native arts and crafts, visit museums,animal sanctuaries,natural wonders, gardens, bodies of water and beaches. I like trying different foods and nonalcoholic drinks. I have a little traveling experience, to Mexico,some of the US states, and to Indonesia. I want to see the world! I want a travel buddy who has the same ideas/thoughts/feelings, morals and codes of conduct I do. Any questions, just ask.Thanks! Happy and safe travels!

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