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I'm visiting NZ for 7 months, came here on November 14, returning to my home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 12th. Would like to find someone who would like to travel North and South Island fairly extensively before I go home and start the travel asap. I am looking for a preferable female companion or companion(s) to share the beauty of this country and expenses. I would think that some of it could be done by rental car or train and there are some very reasonable airfares to destinations of choice.

I would also consder a cruise to some of the South Pacific Islands departing or arriving in Auckland.

I am in North Shore City, Auckland, at this point staying with a friend.

I would be happy with travelling companion(s) in their 40's,. 50's or 60's--I am young a heart, have a great sense of humour (dry British style from my origins in Canada), am supportive, compassionate, understanding and a good listener and would like to tie up with someone who has these characterisitics, and am not ruling out a gentleman companion if that's in the stars.

I'm on a spiritual, not religious path and want to take the rest of my life and make it a fun and fulfilling adventure including as much travel as possible.

I'm beyond "rustic" accommodation and would want a comfortable bed and bath.

Signed Fun and Fexible

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