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It has always been my dream to travel far and wide places, hit the exotic destinations that our Lonely Planet has to offer, (yes the ones you see on tv are like you wish you were there).

I am trying to build a traveling fund so that I can get away whenever time permits, which lately has been very tough (I do not discriminate on any form of contribution :D)

The countries that I been to our India (that is where I was born and hit puberty), USA (where I now reside, but work mostly) and Canada (..who hasn't been to Canada :P).

I get married in December 23, 2012 (hope our Lonely Planet is still operating) and I plan on going on a honeymoon with my new wife (...like I ever had an old wife) to some place very nice but also nicely cheap. I am thinking Seychelles (i.e. my reason to sign up on LP). I hope to find lots of resources here.

That's all for now.

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