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A lazy musician at heart, with my nose usually stuck in a book, or a guitar stuck on my lap. But a man has to eek some kind of a living, and while books & music keep my soul fed, they don't pay my rent. Anyway, accepting that for the time being work is an uncomfortable necessity I left the UK to see something of the world. I'm now living in Kiev, finding my way, and battling with the Russian language. <BR>Happy to answer questions on guitars, music, a bunch of authors (mostly on a Celine tack, e.g. Bukowski, and some of the beat guys), UK, Kiev, and a few other places, Morrocco & Venezuala I know a little about as well as most major western European cities. <BR>Also even happier to be sent thoughts and ideas on guitars, music, books, buddhism, anything of interest really. <BR>Last bit, seek out, if you haven't already, the movie 'One Giant Leap' on DVD, it may change the way you see the world or you may see the way you change the world.... 8^)

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