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I am From Uzb <BR>Good day <BR> Dear Friend. <BR>My name is AHmad. I am from Uzbekistan.I am 24 years <BR>old. My hobby is reading , gardening. I am single.I <BR>very want to move higj developed countries! <BR>To work there. I graduated from the institute , <BR>faculty of foreign languages.I am an English teacher <BR>Before I go into detail, I need to know could everyone help <BR>me! with invitation.I'll pay for your service. <BR> <BR>I am rather seriously!You can earn <BR> I hope for your moral assistance. <BR> It is boring sometimes here i want to move <BR>your city .Do not troule i do not need finanacial <BR>assistance. I just want your kind. <BR>I'll pay for your service. <BR> <BR>I am in a bad situation, I am in a harm from my 2 natal friends ,We grow up together,but They are in abroad <BR>So some,years ago we decided to move to see the world .Ye we are living not bad here but boring .Because i am young i want to see the world, i want obtain friends from abroad. <BR> One of my friends In Israel another one in Moscow . <BR>They called me only4 or 5 times , And smiled above me that i can't obtain visa to abroad because they thank about me that, It is difficult here to obtain visa of high developed countries <BR>May be they are right but i hope i can. <BR>And I'll call them. They are smiled above me <BR>" why i need to leave Uzbekistan." <BR>I am answering <BR> Some years ago I and my 2 friends decided to trip some of world countries.Our aim was to see the world. <BR>Why i am planning to leave Uzbekistan <BR>1. My best 2 of friends out of Uzbekistan. One of them in Moscow and second in Israel <BR>They are living there. Both of them moved some years ago. <BR>2 .when they call me , they smile above me all time . <BR>Why they are smiling? <BR> I am answering for this question :Because <BR>1They are know that To trip and live in abroad my dream from my childhood , <BR>2 They know that i am trying all my best to move there <BR>3 They said that all my effor

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