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Love traveling!! Makes me feel so alive! Spent 7 months backpacking around Oz-NZ-Fiji. West Coast USA after high school and have been hooked ever since! I love the freedom of the open road and having days you could write a novel about!! Since discovering Lonely Planet books in 1991 (for my debut trip) I've been to many other wonderful places with my backpack and have lived in Israel, Japan and the US. Fave places = so many!! Very passionate about great scenery, so having the Himalayas as a backdrop (Nepal - Western China) and being out in the African savannah (Tanzania - South Africa) have been some of my most WOW travel moments! I enjoy feeling like a local and being blown away by the kindness and openess of the people I meet on the road. Have since traded in the backpack for a wheely suitcase and my trips these last few years have been more about visiting friends in other parts of the globe/ doing holistic workshops/ volunteer projects - than having months in which to discover new places, however the adventurous backpacker spirit is definitely still alive and kicking inside !!

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