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First of all, Welcome to Himalayan region known as Nepal and Namaste!!!!! I am working in the field of travel tourism trade in Nepal. since 1998. I would like to express my hearlt\y welcome you to himalayan region as soon as your frriendship,cooperative,henoesty and hardworking to my valuable client those who are interested to travel all over the Nepal. It is said that, Nepal always you inspire to one of the top destivnation in the world. There are alot of chances to see wherever,whatever,whenever as per your interest. I, want to be as your good helper,good partner, helping hand whereever you want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to present you following programme indicated below if you are interested to visit Nepal. Please do keep me in touch following contact or mailing address. 1 Cheapest tour all over the Nepal by surface, or by flight. 2 adventure,sunshining tour all over the Nepal. 3 Treeking ,Rafting,Jungle Safari,Mountain Flight, Whatever ..... 4 Sightseeing tour all over the Nepal and so on.

My mailing address adhikari2010@yahoo.com

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