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Grew up on lakes in BC,Canada moved to the Pacific and had the luck to work for the weather service on the Cape St James lighthouse at the south tip of the Queen Charlottes. Lived in France for a year. Then took up with Parks Canada and Alberta Parks and moved to Elk Island then Rocky Mountain House with the bison and loons. It took being away to recognize home. I now live in Invermere, BC against the Great Divide of the Rocky Mountains and at the headwaters of the Columbia River. I love the way our environment shapes us. Our communities, countries and homes fit around the food, shelter and travel routes we use. I live at the place where the King Salmon used to spawn before the Columbia was dammed. I love the ocean and welcome it's visit every time it rains here. Recently travelled to Costa Rica and am enthralled with the world of the tropics. I am totally disoriented by there not being 4 seasons.

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