I moved to Costa Rica in 1991, and except for a short 4 year hiatus I have been here all that time. My wife is "Tica". I have a son named Bradley and a cat named Junior. I know a lot about the country having visited many of the National Parks, beaches, resorts and volcanoes. My brother-in-law is a Park Ranger and we've spent time with him walking the beaches at night helping stop poachers from stealing turtle eggs, picking the eggs up and transferring them to safe nurseries where they will hatch and the young turtles will eventualy have the opportunity to make it to the sea.

I have had the privilege of living and working throughout the world from a young age and during my working life. Places I've lived include: Australia, Sri Lanka, Malta, Monaco, Switzerland and of course, Costa Rica. Places I have visited are far too numerous to mention but cover much of Europe, Asia and the United States.

I enjoy learning from others about their travel experiences and I hope I can share a few things as well.

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