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Mechanical Engineering Student in Turkey.

I went to Europe with interrail program in 2010. i have stayed 11 days and see 8 countries 10 cities.

I went to US with work and travel program and stayed 2 months in 2012. I worked as a lifeguard in Germantown and travel around Washington, Virginia Beach and New York.

FUTURE TRAVELLING PLANS I have an internship program this year.(2013 June-July) If i can find an oppurtinty to do this internship on abroad i'll prefer that.

This summer(2013 August-September) I and my 2 friends want to travel around the us with car like 40-45 day trip. New York-Boston-Cleveland(or Toronto)-Chicago-Rushmore-Gillette(?)-Salt Lake City-Winnemucca(?)-Sacremento-San Francisco-Fresno-Los Angeles-San Diego-Las Vegas-Grand Canyon-New Mexico-Dallas-Houston-New Orleans-Tallahassee-Tampa-Miami-Orlando-Atlanta-Charlotte-Virginia Beach-Washington-Philadelphia-Atlantic City-New York This is our plan

2014 I really want to see South America and also i want to go World Cup 2014 in Brazil!

I register this site to learn about how to rent a car as an 21 years old, non-us citizen and not have u.s. credit card . I hope i can help some of other users with my avarage experience about travelling.

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