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My name is Michelle and I'm 23 years old...

I just started travelling last year and since than I've become more and more passionate about it! Cultures and Nature sceneries amazes me.

Last October I went to Alberta and spent some time in Calgary, Banff and Edmonton. I totally fell in love with Banff and mostly the Mountains!! It was AMAZING. I certainly want to return. Being on top of a Mountain is breathtaking.

This April, me and a group of 26 of my University, we went to Help out in Haïti, wich was a pretty amazing experience to! No words can describe that wonderful experience, and the thing that struck me the most was the good spirited people from there. We spent one week in a little town named Borel, wich was amazing and 3 days in Port au Prince.

Next Stop for Me is Belgium to do my last year Social work practica, and while I'm there I want to explore the countries around Belgium and in Europe. Since Belgium is the heart of Europe, I think we're gonna have a blast :)

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