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Have had several long travelling sabbaticals.

1990 6 months in Asia (7 Countries) 1993 8 months in Asia(5 Countries including 4 months in Indonesia) 1997 4 months in the Middle-East and Eastern Europe (12 Countries)

Have been based in Japan for the last 15 years and been taking shorter trips to single destinations in Europe, Asia and also Canada. Living in Japan has the disadvantage of very small blocks of days off, a week here, a week there, but even with only a week and basically an unlimited budget for such trips, I still seek out the non-tourist route. I want the Mandi, not the steaming hot shower. I want the local 0.20 porridge for breakfast, not the 5-star buffet, hence, it is time I quit my perfect job once again and don a backpack. I forgot what it is like to feel alive.


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