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Male,31 and English. Love extreme adventure sports and have a passion to travel. <BR>I'm looking to do a 3 mth adventure autumn06. Starting in Moscow, across Russia on the TSR, then through Mongolia down to China. Taking in the sights as I travel along the coast of Vietnam and then up through Cambodia & Laos & then over to Thialand to catch a plane to Japan. Then on to SAmerica landing in Argentina. Then travel south to Chile. Adventure north into Bolivia and then enter Brazil for some more fun and games. Then trek north to Columbia and finally Venezuela before heading home for a rest. Time scale is still a bit rough, but waiting for my travel books to arrive to ensure I'm not stretching it to much. <BR>Not looking forward to sorting out all the visas, but that will be the next step once I've sorted my itinerary. <BR>I know this adventure won't allow me to hang around to long to make loads of friends, but I do hope I can share 1 or 2 adventures with some of you and hopefully find a friend in the process.

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