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Food Service Professional ready to change careers...

I am a chef interested in seeing the world of cuisine within the world, as opposed to reading about it. First trip was to Tuscana, Italy, then to Paris, France, and now i am getting ready to travel to South, Korea to teach English. I have studied and love Asian Cuisine; best markets to go to are in major cities, China Town to start, but i like to shop local Korean markets for cheaper produce and specialty goods.

I always wanted to teach, now i have a chance to start with a government sponsored program in S.Korea. I am ready to enrich my life as well as to get culture shocked for the first time by living in a country which English is not spoken, but is sought after by many people to learn about Western values. I am seeking an Eastern Philosophy to learn about religion, architecture, and the culture of a region of the world much older than where i come from.

will add more later....

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