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I suppose you could call me 'Middle Age' and I suppose you would be right.....I'm 40 years old and with two very much grown up adult children who are now standing on their own two feet. I am after much time and deliberation decided on 'going off' travelling as of 1st May 2010. Working towards that by 3 jobs and lots of reading and checking out travel blogs. I realise that I am just not going to settle down again until I have followed my dream, (Good god that sounds so cliche) and hopefully once I have at least gone off with a backpack for a number of months I might have an idea where I want to end up at the end of it. I am doing this feat alone which horrifies my Father who lives in Australia and certain people that I tell that I am going but I also know that I would end up wanting to throttle someone that doesn't want to go and explore that places that I want to. I am currently learning French, completing a TEFL course and also before May 2010I would really like to be able to pass my Competent Crew course on a yacht. So all this is keeping me busy and focused and hopefully there are people out there who will give me some tips and advice. I have just watched Eat, Pray, Love which was perfect timing for me to see but realised when watching Julia Roberts love interest crying in front of his son that the hardest thing that I will do before I go is say goodbye to my children for a period of time. I am going to stay focused and do something positive towards this dream of mine each day. The place I am most wanting to visit that I have read about is Zanzibar. I think it will be paradise. I pray that I am not dissapointed.

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