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Fast version: Born & raised in New Orleans, La.Now live in Southern CA. Have lived & traveled all over the US, Canada,& Mexico. Well educated,wife for 32 years, Mom of two grown children who both work for Apple Computer. How does that happen? Husband who is married me; also to his work. Bolivian daughter in law & world's most amazing granddaughter. Think husband will never retire unless I pull up stakes & move to Ecuador. Am plotting with my son's Bolivian mother-in-law to move with me & get the whole famdamily to move too. Will be visiting Ecuador starting October 27, 2010. Amazing pet sitting situation found on Thorn Tree will allow me to stay in country through 1/20/11. Husband to visit part of that time. Life experience like a many colored quilt. You name it---I know it & know it personally. Love, Love, Love --- Life! As an avid explorer, writer, gardener , nest featherer, & cook, I treasure all life: water, children, pets, birds, plants & animals of any kind. Gotta run right now. will add to this later.

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