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I'm Julie

left home 3 years ago (2009), after finishing my diploma, thinking going to Australia for 1 year. ..well ended up staying there for like 2,5 years with knowing there is no point of going back to germay/ europe.

during that time me and my boyfriend had visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand (2011) for the firts time.

Now we are back in Thailand (july; 2012) looking for job opportunities to survive and stay...might even settle down here for a while.

well we are just the kind-of-usually travellers. figgert out that live abroad is so beautyful and that there is so much to dicover in the world that we just cant let it go anymore...loving to meet people and make amazing friends all over the world and work very hard on every kind of jobs you can imagine (specially australian farming- we have done it all :-) )

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