I traveled quite a while and now settled down in Ireland (until October 2014, then start longer term trip Lithuania->Georgia-Iran-Oman->Ethiopia->Uganda and then around the world) Me listen lots of music, especially "world" or "folk". :) Cinema snob...(favourites: Fellini, Kaurismaki, Bunuel, Kurosawa, Jodorowsky, Mehrjui, Parajano...) Books(throw a bit forgotten), photography (have 7D, 450 and a Flektagon, few Takumar lenses) traveling, IT(no programing!). I love interesting and colorful people, hippies, artists, musicians and travelers :) I noticed my character change lately and i became more like a listener instead of talker. Thats weird ;/ At the moment my life is in Bray - lovely small city near Dublin where you always welcome :) There i work as IT analyst, studying BA for International Relationship at OU, trading bitcoins and live messy& unhealthy life :)

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