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hello you! im me! im currently working nightshift during the week and doing bar work at weekends trying my hardest to save up for the trip i want to take around the world. still havent decided all the places i want to go to yet but i dont really want to have it all completely mapped out anyway. i like a little bit of the unknown, ynoe, a bit of excitement! why travel the world if your just gna plan every step? experience life man!! i definately want to see the northern lights. japan is a huuuuuge must and im ummm'in and arrr'in about the states. i want to see alot of the famous cities around europe. paris, milan, madrid, barcelona, lisbon etc but i also want to do a bit of rough living. i dont want much as you can tell! i just need to get the money together and then go. once im away theres no stopping me!!!!

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