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I am an adventurous person who loves traveling for all the world. I have visited many countries of Europe (Spain, England, France, Liechtenstein, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden. Also I lived 2 years in Finland). I have visited some Countries in Latin America (Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Bolivia, Cuba, Costa Rica and I have lived many years in Mexico. In particular I lived 8 years in Mexico City) and North America (Canada and I have lived many years in United States 5 years in New York City and a lot in San Diego California). In Asia I have been in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Philippines.

I will go on March 30, 2013 to Indonesia. I want to visit Jakarta and arounds and then go to Bali.

In Summer 2014 I go to Ukraine and Russia. in December 2014 and January 2015 I go to Argentina. In Spring 2015 I go to Brazil. In Summer 2015 I go to China. in December 2015 and January 2016 I go to Chile. In April 2016 I go to Colombia.

Important I am a single man, I have a stable and good job (Professor and Researcher in Mathematics at a University in US and Mexico), I almost do not drink alcohol (only sociable), I do not smoke and I do not take drugs.

I am very rich person in spirit not in money. Money never has being a problem for me because money has never being my God.

I am a highly educated person (I have a PhD from NYU). I am fluent in Spanish and English languages. I also speak German, Russian and Finnish languages. My best asset is my respect and understanding for Human Beings.

I am a Mexican citizen and an American citizen. I lived 5 years in New York City (because I studied my Master and PhD in Mathematics there). My hobbies are hiking, trekking, sightseeing, reading, meeting people. I am very romantic person (flowers, dinner with candles, reading poetry while drinking coffee or wine,etc,..).

Just remember "All you need is Love".

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