Abydos is about a three hour drive north of Luxor. We did a day trip up from Luxor, and came back down via Dendara. Both are truly fascinating temples, and very much off the beaten track still. It might have been the added benefit of having the place to ourselves, but I was mesmerised by these northern temples. Abydos does not have quite the same colourful drama that Dendara has, but its back chapel in particular, has some incredibly preserved colour and stories on its walls. - http://www.georgesglobe.com/blog/abydos-egypt


Temple in Qena

I'm going to call it and say that this is my new favourite place in Egypt - well, giving stiff competition to Abu Simbel anyway. Where Abu Simbel is grand and unique in its architecture (20metre high statues, guarding a deep and complicated temple, and overlooking a massive beautiful blue lake next to the desert, is pretty awe-inspiring stuff!), Dendara impresses with her colour and the preservation of some of the most detailed and beautiful ancient Egyptian art that you will find anywhere in Egypt. The sheer scale and grandeur of her pillars, decorated extraordinarily as they are, does assist. But most impressively, is her ceiling, rising high above, and decorated intensely with Egyptian mythological stories, depicted, for the most part, using a beautiful clear blue colour. - http://www.georgesglobe.com/blog/dendara-egypt

Pyramids of Giza

Archaeological Site in Cairo

It kinda goes without saying, that the Giza pyramids are pretty cool. Its the scale of them really - the way they sit on the horizon, immediately recognisable, and with the weight of so much history. All the more fascinating when you consider and dwell upon how the inhabitants, of such an early civilisation, managed to build them and why they chose to do so. - http://www.georgesglobe.com/blog/giza-pyramids-cairo-egypt

Temples of Abu Simbel

Temple in Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is probably my favourite site in all of Egypt - which is saying something, given the wealth of amazing sights that there are throughout the country. Perhaps it is the scale of the sculptures: rising more than 8 stories high (20m), it is almost unfathomable imagining how they would have been built 3,300 years ago. Majestic is perhaps the least description for the Pharoahs guarding the entrance of the main temple - http://www.georgesglobe.com/blog/abu-simbel-egypt