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Darjeeling Carnival


Darjeeling Tea Plantation is a fresh and unique concept in the world of tourism, and why not? Darjeeling is the hub of tea plantation with the stunning beauty of its tea gardens. The wonderful 80 operational tea garden that occupies thousands of acres of land on hills are becoming the perfect reason for visitors to visit and unfold the amazing beauty of this place. The Stunning view of hills with a cool breeze, cloudy weather and having a sip of tea is enough to refresh your soul. Tourist use to stay at tea bungalows to explore the unique culture, manufacture process of tea, natural walk, moreover, the trekking, rafting, and golf also offer to make your vacations wonderful. Darjeeling Tea Plantation consists of 144 gardens that produce some premium types of tea like Black tea, Oolong tea, Green tea, White tea, Blended, flavoured and Scented tea. Surrounding attraction of Darjeeling Tea Plantation; Singtom Tea Estate Awaken to a different world Darjeeling Tea Plantation Waked up with a sip of a cup of the finest tea of Darjeeling Tea Plantation is an ideal plan, Singtom Tea Estate is right on your way. This tea resort is ready to offer a richness tea garden trip in an old bungalow, which brings you closer to the nature of tea plantation. One can stay here while enjoying the glamour of this site. The beautiful garden of the resort allows you to sit and enjoy the spectacular view of hills and tea gardens while having a cup of tea, it will be an unforgettable moment for you.