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I'm a fulltime student at California State University San Marcos. I'm majoring in Literature and Writing and getting a minor in Film Studies.

Okay, I'm bad at writing these in the fashion portrayed above. I'll list some facts about me and hopefully that ends up explaining who I am.

I love music. If you ever get stuck in traffic with me there is a very good chance that I will force you to listen to every favorite song at my disposal. I like taking pictures of people when they aren't paying any attention. I am a vegetarian. I have seen Eddie Izzard twice on tour but have lost count how many times I've seen his work in progess shows in Los Angeles. I find Rolling Stone magazine annoying. I do like Peter Travers though. Only critic I agree with the majority of the time. I keep mini boxes of raisins in my glove box and a small package of juice boxes on the back seat seat. I can't walk in heels without feeling as if I'm two seconds away from snapping an ankle but am determined to master the art. A man at Borders told me that I looked like the French flag. I would like to learn sign language for the sole purpose of communication with a gorilla. I like playing with charcoal but have no real talent. I write badly but am convinced I can make a living with my nontalent. I have a rather long scar across my tummy. I don't like Sprite. I wish I were a cat. Don't talk to me about Johnny Depp. Depending on my mood it may spurn a bitter rant even though I love the man. I lie and cheat but I am honest about said lying and cheating. You can't be angry with an honest liar. We're too much fun during Monopoly. I have an addictive personality. When I love something, I LOVE it. Some call it dorky or obsessive. I call it lovable passion. I'm convinced one can determine the meaning of life through a good Doctor Who episode. Tricky thing is that the moment you discover the meaning, it flits away and you can't recall a thing. I stay for the credits while in the movie theater.

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