See [Link Removed] Besides that: Diving the Cape of Good Hope, whenever possible. Rumors are going around, that I sometimes close my shop and run off to dive the S.S. Lusitania on Bellows Rock, if the conditions are right. In diving, I never made it further than Port Elizabeth until yet, which means, all my diving experience is in pretty cold, but stunningly beautiful environments. <BR>Plans for the future: <BR> <BR>Finish my DM - Done April 2004 <BR> <BR>Get drysuit - Done June 2004 <BR> <BR>Also came home with Canon A75 plus housing, but no UW test until yet. <BR>Camera "tested" on various occasions since August 2004 and found to be good :-) <BR>Love to see: Sharks, rays and skates, nudibranches, giant yellowtail and of course wrecks. <BR> <BR>~250 dives <BR> <BR>Training: PADI: OW, AOW, EFR, RESCUE, DM <BR> <BR>CMAS: NITROX, COMPRESSOR OPERATOR <BR> <BR>Planned: Gas blender, IANTD Tec lite <BR>Next goal: <BR>Dive Sodwana and Ponta do Ouro <BR> <BR>The Comores <BR> <BR>St Helena

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