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I am definitely a freedom-loving person. I see my life as a journey without a fixed final destination. This way I can choose where I want to go based on where I am at the moment. To find and pursue its own passion is probably the greatest personal gain one can achieve. I truly believe that nothing happens without a purpose. I get bored easily, so I enjoy trying out new things. If we never try, we’ll never find out. No regrets. I am not that kind of person to sit on a couch and to watch stupid TV shows with (I don’t own a TV since ages). I prefer hanging out with friends in bars, cafés or wheresoever. I love meeting new people who act like they are. I hate superficiality and falsehood, people who are judgemental. I don’t believe in right or wrong. I learned not to have expectations about people and things. I am pretty straight forward and I don’t like to beat about the bush. I am a convinced vegetarian but I totally tolerate if somebody is not. My biggest enemy is passiveness.

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